Tupy announces the initial projects selected by ShiftT, its startup accelerator


December 17, 2021

This unprecedented program unites Tupy’s skills with startups to generate shared value and strengthen the Innovation ecosystem

ShiftT, Tupy’s startup accelerator, has just announced the first two companies selected for the acceleration phase. During this period, in addition to gaining access to Tupy’s  entire structure and expertise, the entrepreneurs receive exclusive mentoring from more than 30 of the Company’s professionals, all of whom have vast experienced in different areas and were trained to act as mentors.

The first companies selected were Hedro and Pix Force. Hedro is a startup from Minas Gerais that fits perfectly into the digital and industry 4.0 profile. The team specializes in the development of emerging technologies (hardware, firmware and software) and the integration of these technologies, instrumenting the entire industrial environment, in addition to caring for predictive maintenance and increased machine availability.


Pix Force is a startup from Rio Grande do Sul that develops solutions through computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. The business consists of providing valuable information to customers by automatic interpretation of images and videos. This is possible through computer vision, which can inspect what the human eye can not. Image processing is done through artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to apply the technology across the Company’s most diverse processes.


ShifT’s selection process


More than 100 interested parties participated from all over Brazil. In the first phase, Tupy selected 75 companies to be assessed by technical specialists from different areas, cutting down to 13 companies, 8 of which participated in the Pitch Day with Tupy’s executive board. Once the pre-acceleration process is concluded, 3 to 6 startups will be chosen to continue in the program by undergoing the proof of concept and analysis of other indicators. Hedro and Pix Force are the first companies to be announced.


“It is important to highlight that we are not limited to just evaluating startups. We also tried to understand if Tupy had all the required elements for the future development of these startups. The pre-acceleration phase was the moment to ensure that everyone would extract the maximum value from this journey”, stated Daniel Moraes, Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Tupy.

The program stands out for the equity free concept as  entrepreneurs do not need to give up part of their company to participate in the acceleration process. In addition, ShiftT’s assumptions also include total respect for the intellectual property of the startups and their talents, as well as payment for proofs of concept.

“Since its foundation, in 1938, Tupy has stood out for its pioneering spirit and throughout its history the Company has worked in partnerships and invested in R&D. We’ve had several leaps of innovation and we want to share that knowledge, in addition to learn along the way. Therefore, we want the chosen startups to expand their ideas and contribute to our future”, said Fernando de Rizzo, CEO of Tupy.



A Brazilian multinational company that designs and manufactures cast iron structural components with highly complex geometry and metallurgy. These engineering solutions are applied to the transportation, infrastructure, agribusiness and energy generation sectors, contributing to the quality of life of people, promoting access to health, basic sanitation, drinking water, and the production and distribution of food worldwide. The technological innovation involved in the design and manufacture of these parts has been the Company’s specialty throughout its more than 80 years of operations. The production is concentrated in the Brazilian factories located in Betim, Joinville and Mauá, and in the cities of Ramos Arizpe and Saltillo, in Mexico, and Aveiro, in Portugal.  Tupy also has commercial officers in Germany, Brazil, the U.S. and Italy.




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