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We are global leaders in the iron casting and machining industries, with differentiated businesses of leading-edge technology components and industrial hydraulics


There are many applications for Tupy fittings in the industry. Among the most routine are: compressed air, steam, lubrication, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, other gases, firefighting systems and water.


Tupy fittings are present in many stages of civil construction. They are found in fire protection and firefighting installations, gas networks, water networks, such as settlement and distribution systems, among others.


Tupy fittings can be found from water intake, through treatment and distribution stations, to building branch connections. They also stand out in booster pump systems, in the connections of equipment and instruments, and in easels.

Oil & gas

Platforms, refineries, measuring stations are some of the places where Tupy fittings are present. They are also used in building extensions, including the connection of gas meters. As they are compatible with explosive atmospheres, they are also used in electrical conduits.


All irrigation systems require malleable iron connections due to their versatility and durability in extreme conditions. That's why Tupy fittings are present in different systems, from deep well pipes to equipment or installations that carry water to the plantations.


As an industrial raw material, Tupy fittings are applied on a large scale in the machinery and equipment industry. They are present in boilers, compressors, pumps and motor pumps, in addition to hydraulic and pneumatic systems for various equipment.


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Aiming to qualify and bring even more security to your facilities, Tupy offers technical guidance, courses and lectures that are conducted by our team of experts from Tupy Application Engineering. Do you have any questions?
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Tupy has a qualified team of professionals who are able to introduce you and answer questions related to our entire product line. If you are interested in having more knowledge about our products and the various applications they offer, please contact us, we are available to offer our technical support.
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We are very pleased to be able to share our technical knowledge with you and your team, now you can have a record of this participation by requesting your certificate online.
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